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Water Filter Installation Instructions. Car Air Filter Change Frequency.

Water Filter Installation Instructions

water filter installation instructions

    water filter
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BSH TSI Race Catch Can

BSH TSI Race Catch Can

BSH is proud to bring you its all new Race Catch Can System for the 09+ TSI Platform. The BSH Race Catch Can System introduces a multiple -10 line system plumbed into the block and into the head to allow for complete ventilation from its respective source. This performance and longevity enhancing product connects together using high end AN fittings and in house manufactured billet adapters that simply clip into the existing connections found on the 2.0T engine. To ensure proper fitment within the factory engine bay BSH has designed a proprietary laser cut bracket for mounting and a proprietary breather filter to clear the factory hood shock. Installation and removal for draining is simplified by utilizing a T Bolt mounting system allowing the can to come off and on by simply loosening one nut. This part is a direct addition to the factory PCV system and installs without any modifications to the vehicle.

The purpose of a catch can system is to collect/vent the blowby vapors inherent as part of the combustion process. The factory setup sucks these oily vapors directly back into the engine exposing them to everything in their path.

For the best performance possible you do not want this oil making its way back into your engine! Short term oil vapors being ingested result in a greater chance for pre ignition, over time however this oil will cake the intercooler and plumbing reducing its efficeincy. Outside of oil, the can will also catch water and fuel. In addition the more free flowing lines allow the engine to rev easily giving a more responsive feel to the engine as a whole.


BSH 3" Race Catch Can w/ Splash Guard

BSH Breather Filter

BSH Laser Cut Mounting Bracket

BSH 22mm PCV adapter

BSH 26 mm PCV adapter

BSH Manifold Block off Cap

T-Bolt Retaining Clamp

AN Fittings

-10 Push Lock Line

All hardware needed for installation

Installation Instructions Available Online

Er? I didn't specify an oil cooler...

Er? I didn't specify an oil cooler...

I saw these pipes on that block between the oil filter and the engine and thought they had given me an installation for a vehicle with an oil cooler. I didn't specify an oil cooler so I phoned Caterham and they said this was a new idea - a water heating / cooling system for the oil ... and they are still working on the installation instructions! So I don't know if I have the necessary pipes. Probably not...

water filter installation instructions

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